Designed to build your digital supply chain ecosystem

TESISQUARE Platform is a multi-enterprise and collaborative platform to achieve the goal to manage an effective end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility in complex business environments. It supports clients to build their own digital Supply Chain ecosystem enhancing across-company collaboration, developing deeper supplier relationships with a seamless data flow integration of all transactions across the networked ecosystem.

TESISQUARE Platform centralizes the exchange of information in a common data hub for all trading partners so they can work collaboratively, securely, and in real time.

Modular and scalable software suites cover upstream and downstream processes across the end-to-end Supply Chain including sourcing, procurement, execution and transportation, and sales operations, so as to integrate with functionality due to the unified technological architecture.

Key Benefits



Provide a better integration and synchronisation across the network of business partners to get real-time and end-to-end visibility.



Collect all data exchanged in unique and common data hub to enable greater collaboration with partners.



Make smarter and faster decisions to gain operational excellence.



Monitor proactively Supply Chain information and events to be more responsive to unexpected disruptions



Adapt operative processes dynamically to respond to short-term changes in demand or supply levels.



Streamline processes through digitalization to achieve sustainability goals.


Tesi Control Tower

Provides a tool for the synthesis, analysis, control and management of events through “proactive analytics” systems, KPIs and dashboards with drill-down functionality that access operational and transactional data.

Tesi TMS

Digitalises transportation processes (inbound and outbound) and data integration between customer’s ERP and carrier’s external systems; the solution provides functionality to plan transports, control costs, share documents and track shipments (tracking).

Tesi SRM

Offers functionality to evaluate and qualify new suppliers, help control purchasing costs, optimize supplier management, organise order receiving and support payment process.

Tesi Sales

Achieving complete and fast integration with your customersin the acquiring and executing order process, as well asin the billing process, both with large, IT-structured companies and with small, non-digitized companies.

Tesi Extended Integration

Enables Digital Transformation in Compliance both in customer-supplier relationships and in internal business processes. It leverages all the essential technologies to build collaborative and full-digital cloud ecosystems.

Tesi Make

Traceability functions to track every part and product throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment when raw materials enter the factory to the moment when final products are shipped.

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