TESI e-Integration EDI

TESI e-Integration is a cloud-based B2B Integration Brokerage solution that improves efficiency and collaboration in extended enterprise processes, by enabling a multiformat and multi-protocol data exchange management.

Within the Consumer Goods industry, TESI e-Integration is the first EDI platform in Italy in terms of active relationships, volumes of flows and documents exchanged in compliance with the most important national and international standards, including GS1, EANCOM, EDIFACT, EURITMO, UBL, TRADACOM and X12. The EDI services allow users to manage standard and non-standard messages, while exchanging different types of business documents in the framework of their Network; moreover, this solution guarantees the interconnection and interoperability across national and international networks. The service is delivered in “on-premise” or “as a service“ mode, thus allowing companies to minimize the costs of integration with legacy information systems and also reduce costs of hardware and software infrastructure.

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Extended Integration Brokerage

TESISQUARE® can be a unique service provider through the multi-channel digitalization of companies’ processes and data flow along the extended Supply Chain from the EDI integration with legacy systems to the compliant electronic archiving through integration brokerage, document management, digital signature.


Automation and speed up of business processes data flow

TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage Platform increases data accuracy, efficiency and speed of business transactions and supports the rationalization and simplification of data flow generation and control.


Processes optimization, order to pay cycle time reduction and data quality improvement

Integration Brokerage decreases paper documents and their physical storage costs. Reduction of business data flow acquisition inside legacy system and data entry costs related to working time and imput error.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture, scalable in terms of type and number of documents managed  and deployment on software as a services and on premises (excluding the EDI component).

Web Portal

Enable the online tracking of system status, sent/received documents, document consultation and print, with dashboard access also via smartphone and tablet.

Digital Signature

Manage the complete document life cycle signature and assigns “manually or automatic”, in according to a specific workflow, the pdf documents to relevant signatories managing notifications and  alerts sent to the various players.

Engine Software

A proprietary engine for flow translation and mapping based on customers needs.

Data transfer

Through secure protocols and usage of a proprietary communication channel, “jHttpsTransfer”, and connectors (e.g.: Https, AS2, X400, Post Http, Web Services, SAPXI and SAP-PI).

PDF2EDI Translator

Converts a native PDF into EDI format and documents in PDF format with standard layout (e.g.: defined by GS1 Indicod-ECR) or customized.

Interoperability and EDI VANs

Access to an international network and  interact with all business partners, irrespective of the Net on which they are set; with the interoperability service provided, TESISQUARE plays a unique role and boasts very important agreements made with major providers and EDI VANs.

Interface with Public Administration

Send invoices in XML-PA electronic format, in accordance with regulations Digital storage of documents pursuant to the law.

Digital Transformation

Take the challenge: embrace the lifecycle approach to digital transformation


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