We aim at being a one-stop partner to our customers through multiple engagements:
from creating innovation and business modelling, but also providing turnkey projects,
as well as full set of services through a well-established cloud-based offering.

Business Modelling

Professionalism and field-proven experience have been the driving force behind corporate success for over 20 years.

We support and assist our customers in identifying solutions
and in implementing change.

We apply an agile methodology and effectiveness at all stages of project implementation and organization transformation.




Turnkey projects

Leverage seamless integration with ERP system and IT environment with a one-stop partner to fully fulfill your business needs, and enhance a ready-to-use system.

SAP Competence Center

TESISQUARE® SAP Competence Center supports customers to successfully integrate and effectively mantain SAP platform solutions. Customers can experience end-to-end SAP portfolio coverage and effective project implementations. Core competencies include high quality, reliability and value to customer.

SAP Application Management Services

Application management services give customers high performance, flexibility and predictability, ensuring cost efficiency and continuity in day-to-day operational tasks. Service Management, Support and Maintenance comprise SAP AMS modules including Finance, Logistics and Production Planning.

Third-party integration

The Competence Center SAP has developed a set of ABAP and SAP-based middleware interfaces between the TESISQUARE® platform and the customer’s SAP system, by greatly reducing deployment time.

Service Provider

Enhance agility and benefit from a dedicated provider to centrally run a full set of services effectively and accelerate your go-to-market strategy.

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Service Desk and AMS

Free up your in-house staff to focus on strategic issues and business growth. Service desk outsourcing services enable your organisation to create a more cost-effective and responsive single-point-of-contact for all requests, providing customised services and measurable performances.

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Supplier Onboarding

Take a strategic approach to supplier enablement by accelerating collaboration processes through scalable and modular services, involving both organisational and functional aspects. The approach covers all onboarding phases including supplier registration, training, help desk and data flow integration.


Discover how to run your business
on a solid foundation


We like talking with our customers about the latest novelties, opening our minds to full Innovation, to embrace cutting-edge technologies; we aim to help companies to manage the change that Innovation often entail.

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Big Data

Big Data is high-volume, high-speed and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

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Telemedicine changes the traditional space-and-time sanitary model: space does no more exists and time can be declined with more flexibility, in order to make the access to healthcare more fair, efficient and affordable.

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Internet of Things

Reducing the Time to Value for Internet of Things Deployments. Nobody gives you a better inside of your supply chain than TESISQUARE: just let us integrate devices and solutions for you.