Working with us you’ll be inspired to explore your passions and to express your talent.

Our Values


We’re people. We believe in respect for each other and fairness of relation, and we’re proud of that.

TESISQUARE® set a top relevance for those who collaborate helping to the improvement, for Colleagues, Customers, Partner or Suppliers. Through Human Resource we’re able to develop, improve and guarantee an excellent management of our products and services. We’re focus on professionality, commitment to work, mutual respect, encouraging the sense of belonging and morality, helping and sustaining listening at all levels.


Our relations are based on transparency between people and in the relations; be they of business or social type.

TESISQUARE®  is committed to be transparent with their own people and in the business’s relationship, to stabilize a trust relation in long period and we create the condition for a direct and constructive dialogue that run away from ambiguity and conspiracies. We undertake to realize products and service that follow the best quality in a resilient way and compete under the principles of fairness and free competition. We operate on every situation with integrity, coherence and equity, conducing all relation with honesty.

Customer Centricity

Our approach has the goal of supporting in every moment the Customers and meet their needs, generating together high added value solution.

We’re focalize on the entire value experience for our Customers, our “One Partner” approach wants to accompany the Customers not only in the use of our solutions, but also in the process studies and in their optimal execution. We’re looking to offer at the Customers a long improvement of their processes and their approach at the digital transformation. We quotidianly commit and we assume the responsibility to insurance the quality in every activity, accord to our long-term strategy.


We work with a strong sense of responsibility and involvement, being protagonists of our work with an entrepreneurial attitude at all levels.

We operate with responsibility to give value to our actions, with professionalism, respecting our commitments, operating with a strong sense of responsibility with regard to our work, our customers and the ecosystem in which we operate, recognizing and considering the work of colleagues and counterparts with which we are required to collaborate. This is why we are used to supporting each other, asking and offering help in difficulty situation.

Team Work

The synergic and friendly approach, the collaboration and the knowledge sharing are the factors that allow us to grow together faster.

During our working activity, through our actions and behaviors we generate a sense of attachment to TESISQUARE® and to our working group. We operate from the perspective of being team players, giving us the opportunity to offer something of our own in order to achieve the company’s well-being. For this reason, sharing, teamwork and mutual support are key elements of our way of interpreting our profession. With this approach, the daily difficulties of the individual are exceeded through teamwork, increasing motivation and capacity.


Passion, curiosity and thirst for newness: innovation characterizes our people and is a strategic factor in the medium-long term.

We invest in innovation to maintain a strong commitment and keep up with technological developments, promoting knowledge sharing and involving professionals who are enthusiasts of technological innovation. We strive to create partnerships with customers, universities and technology partners to continuously evolve and provide excellence, promoting digital transformation and inspiring new products, technologies and activities also using open innovation models.

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