White Paper:
E-Invoicing – Seeking the Ideal Partner

An evidence-based portrait of the ideal integration partner to help achieve mandatory B2G e-invoicing compliance in German healthcare.

  • The pandemic crisis and its economic consequences are highlighting the benefits of e-government, enabling and automating public services to be remotely available to citizens and businesses 24/7.
  • E-invoicing, frequently cited by expert commenters as the ‘gateway’ to wider digital transformation, is to become mandatory for business-to-government (B2G) transactions in Germany from November 2020.
  • Public hospitals, a key part of the public services, will not be allowed to accept non-compliant invoicing from their thousands of suppliers after this November date.
  • This leaves a highly compressed schedule for medical suppliers to comply with the regulation, made more complex by variations in its implementation by each of the German ‘Bundesländer’ (Federal States), who are responsible for public hospitals in their region.
  • Italy leads Europe in e-invoicing implementation, B2G having been mandatory in the country since 2014. This experience is proving invaluable for rapid development of compliant EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems and protocols in other European countries, including Germany.
  • Given the commercial threat of non-compliance for suppliers into the German public health system, along with the operational challenges for those businesses in a post-pandemic world, this paper draws on the Italian e-invoicing experience to paint a portrait of the ideal integration partner.

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