White Paper:
E-Invoicing – Seeking the Ideal Partner

An evidence-based portrait of the ideal integration partner to help achieve mandatory B2G e-invoicing compliance in German healthcare.

e-Invoicing is soon to become mandatory for business-to-government transactions in Germany – the deadline for implementation is 27 November 2020.

At TESISQUARE, we’ve put together a paper on the lessons we can learn from Italy, which has led the way since #B2G e-invoicing became mandatory in the country in 2014. We’ve focused on the healthcare sector, where supplier compliance is especially critical.

Download the document to discover more and to transform a challenge into a real opportunity for digital transformation.

E-invoicing: typical business case & benefits.

  • Typical payback period: 2 years
  • Easily integrated, scaled and measured
  • Reduction of Accounts Payable headcount
  • Data accuracy rises from 90% to 100%
  • Overall AP processing costs reduced by 60%-80%(1)
  • ICT management costs reduced and paper eliminated
  • Reduction in cost of disputed invoice resolution
  • VAT compliance discrepancies spotted and resolved early
  • Introduction of dynamic discounting for early payment
  • Rapid data availability for financial analysis
  • Typically savings of €5 – €15 per invoice(2)
  • Savings of 1%-2% of turnover not unusual(3)
  • Foundations laid for further future digitalisation

(1) Billentis, Business Case: E-Invoicing/E-Billing, 2017

(2) European Central Bank, E-Invoicing: Bringing the payment process fully into the digital age, 2016 ; European Commission, e-Invoicing Benefits Analysis, 2019

(3) Billentis, Business Case: E-Invoicing/E-Billing, 2017

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