designed to build your Digital Supply Chain Ecosystems

TESISQUARE Platform is a multi-enterprise and collaborative platform to achieve the goal to manage an effective end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility in complex business environments.

TESISQUARE Platform is made up of the following software suites:

TESI Control Tower provides a tool for the synthesis, analysis, control and management of events through “proactive analytics” systems, KPIs and dashboards with drill-down functionality that access operational and transactional data.

TESI SRM offers functionality to evaluate and qualify new suppliers, help control purchasing costs, optimize supplier management, organise order receiving and
support payment process.

TESI MAKE allows to track every part and product throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment when raw materials enter the factory to the moment when final products are shipped.

TESI TMS digitalises transportation processes (inbound and outbound) and data integration between customer’s ERP and carrier’s external systems; the solution provides functionality to plan transports, control costs, share documents and track shipments (tracking).

TESI SALES to achieve complete and fast integration with your customers in the acquiring and executing order process, as well as in the billing process, both with large, IT-structured companies and with small, non-digitized companies.

TESISQUARE Platform includes three basic layers:

TESI Framework runs standard functionality required to execute personal data, user profiles, workflow, and document management;

TESI Integration Brokerage guarantees an effective collaboration and integration with all trading partners (suppliers, forwarders, carriers, retailers, and consumers) is ensured thanks to for standard protocols management (ie: EDI, SAP X-Plug, Peppol);

TESI Integration Layer integrates non-standard channels (ie: API, Custom flows), even through mobile and IoT.

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