Boost your e-commerce business, deliver everywhere

Find the best ecommerce shipping courier that combines multiple delivery options to choose from,
and forecast all costs and level of services, considering both type of products and pickup locations, such as warehouses or points of sale.

TESISQUARE Platform allows you to overcome e-commerce challenges.

TESI TMS Focus e-commerce, software suite of the TESISQUARE Platform, allows you easy integration and best courier management, managing orders across multiple channels, pickup locations and delivery points (warehouse, point of sale, consumer’s home, etc.).
The solution is fully integrated with Omni-couriers module to manage shipments from points of sale.

This software solution allows you to manage all logistics processes following purchases in e-commerce mode:
• Identification and engagement of the best carrier for type of shipment with automatic shipment.
• Receiving order and label printing by the courier.
• Best courier management per type of delivery with automatic shipping request.
Courier’s tracking.
PoD management and Claim with alerting and notification system.
• Access to dashboard e KPI’s  for service control and monitoring.

300 couriers connected with the platform


Last-mile delivery network management integrated with the leading logistics service providers’ software.


Fast and simple onboarding


Proven onboarding methodology able to set up tailored shipping carriers to customer.

Order management configurability


E-commerce order management across corporate website or multiple channels (online marketplaces and websites)

TESI TMS Focus e-commerce enables e-commerce integration in back-end processes making them agile and scalable so as to effectively serve digitized and demanding customers.

TESISQUARE Platform is a scalable and flexible solution able to address all e-commerce scenarios integration in the Supply Chain model: from multi-channel to omnichannel, based on specific experience and “best practices” in Fashion & Luxury and Retail industry.

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