Run your business on a solid foundation

Performance, and flexibility are key drivers for companies’ reliability. Enterprises need to ensure the technologies they choose will provide benefits both today and in the future, on keeping their network up and running.

At TESISQUARE® we have a long history of developing platforms and solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to empower companies building their own digital ecosystem. More than 20 years of field-proven software expertise and technical innovation excellence guarantees a strong commitment to delivering solid and robust platforms relying on the latest digital innovation including IoT, Machine Learning. Big Data and analytics, IoT.

What makes our platform a value-added service?



High reliable Tier III® and Tier IV Data Centre certified by Uptime Institute

Remote Secure Backup

Disaster Recovery



Scalable services with customizable

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)



Scalable/Customizable Services and SLA

Continuous Event Monitoring



Case study Vertica

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TESISQUARE case study Adobe

Adobe ColdFusion

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Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2019

ColdFusion Summit 2019

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Francisco Mancardi at the CFCAMP2019


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A&T – Automation and Testing

Customer success stories in the automotive industry and IoT projects in supporting Supply Chain Visibility […]