TC1 Control Tower
The Collaborative Logistics Platform

The leading industry network that that connects suppliers and retailers improving visibility along supply chain processes


TC1 Control Tower is a cloud platform that allows the communication and integration among producers, logistic operators, carriers and clients, creating a community that is able to share data without requiring to the participant companies to install any kind of software.

TC1 Control Tower manages the collaborative processes between customers and logistic operators within the same supply chain and keeps track and control of the goods distribution, assuring information sharing and transparency within all supply chain partners.

It creates value and efficiency, reducing costs and improving the service provided to the customer, through real-time synchronization of information and documents.

The leading platform


for unloading slots

in grocery, pharma

and consumer electronics

How to achieve visibility along supply chain processes


Smoothly loading and unloading time slots management

Capacity planning control

Loading and unloading time slots 

Event management 

Yard management


Access to real-time updated information for every shipment

Track & trace

Proof of delivery




Streamline the relationship with 3PL

Request for quotation

Flexible assignment

Carrier collaboration


Multichannel communication

Enable companies to reach out to business partners via their preferred channel: email, web portal, spreadsheet, app mobile, private and edi flow

Multi-enterprise data hub

Centralize the exchange of information for all trade partners so they can work collaboratively, securely, and in real time

Multi-devices solution

Link to platform data with the more suitable devices: mobile, pc, and desktop

Collaboration tools

Monitor the event status and forward proactive notification when an event occurrence using appropriate workflows

E2E Control Tower

Enhance visibility capabilities from more streamlined sources of information into unique and common information hub and interact directly with the connected ERP system

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