Supply Chain Risk Map

Supply Chain Geo Risk Map, how to manage
and identify potential risks in the supplier base

Supply Chain Geo Risk Map is a cloud-based solution that allows you to assess the supply risk dependant on location and estimate impacts that could occur over a few weeks.

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Considering supplier data, the Supply Chain Geo Risk Map can provide you a dashboard gathering information about suppliers, goods and orders based on the Covid-19 outbreak scenario. Dashboards allow you to identify and handle production and logistics data by geographical area, thus enabling you take proactive steps to corrective actions.


Critical supplier

It provides an overview of suppliers based on the level of risk given by their location.

Critical products

It identifies products at risk not yet confirmed by suppliers.

Critical order

It highlights all open and unconfirmed orders.

Additionally, the solution features cloud-based applications that can be quickly activated to manage the following processes:

  • Alternative supplier qualification;
  • Rfx and Bid Management;
  • Order management and confirmation.


VPS team, A TESISQUARE Company, supports companies in enriching the range of suppliers available on specific product areas.

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Supply Chain in the time of Coronavirus