Retail Capabilities

Our valuable proposal to manage the path to unified retail commerce

The disruptive events of the past year have driven retailers to fundamentally reassess how they do business, thus accelerating digitalization trends and challenging them to adopt innovations in customer processes, services and experiences, while at the same time working to optimize costs. TESISQUARE® is able to respond to the complexity of the Digital End-to-End Retail Value Chain by offering a complete value proposition to deliver excellent unified retail commerce execution.

We achieve our mission through proprietary solutions integrating external data, as well as value-added services that help get operational excellence. Through our expertise gained across the Retail industry and the capability to integrate third-party solutions, we are able to offer our clients a 360° digital experience.

Digital end-to-end Retail Value Chain Main Benefits


Enablers of Strategies

  • Accelerate the adoption of new business models.
  • Enable digitalisation at the lowest TCO.
  • Adopt or improve the omnichannel vision of the business.

Business Benefit

  • Increase forecast accuracy, reduce waste, maximise sales.
  • Increase product availability, reduce lost sales.
  • Margin certification through real-time measurement of head office, point of sale and performance audit operations.

Operational Efficiency

  • Simplify workforce operations and increase efficiency.
  • Improve user experience through data accessible on any device.
  • Provide advanced real time reporting available on any device.
  • Enable store managers and affiliates to support customers with the right information.

IT Benefits

  • Reduce the complexity of integration between applications.
  • Ensure user support and application monitoring throughout the solution lifecycle.
  • Reduce overall TCO costs.

Different levels of analysis for increasing value



Digitalisation of end-to-end collaborative processes with all business partners: intelligent tools for fast-integration, standard & private interoperability, multi-channel connections, quick solutions for collaborative processes.



Automated and centralised Master data management. Tools for analysing sales and optimising assortments, prices and promotional activities.



End-to-end omnichannel stock visibility and optimisation. Efficiency of inbound and outbound transport processes, including home delivery processes. Synchronisation of replenishment across the distribution network and Warehouse Operations.



Shop personnel activities optimization, easily supported by automated processes. A single way of customer interaction with all touch points; a unified view of the customer to drive sales strategies. Omnichannel centralized promo engine and receipt calculation.

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