Unified Retail Platform

TESISQUARE®’s applications cover main critical processes to orchestrate a unified retail strategy: data-driven approach is key to success to improve customer journey and boost process efficiency and productivity.

 Buying and Assortments Management

Supplier Collaboration

• Sourcing and Collaboration

• Vendor Management

• Inventory Visibility

Allocation and Planning

• Optimize layout processes

• Categorize stock movement

Inventory Information Hub

• Stock optimization

• Goods movements

• Picking & Packing processes

Merchandising and Marketing

Category Management

• Assortment management

• Space planning

• Price management

• Display Optimisation

Customer Engagement

• Campaign management

• Proximity marketing

• Shopper behavior and marketing analytics

Promotion Management

• Marketing Plan Module: promotion planning

• What If module: simulation and analysis of promotion driven sales

• Buying Module: optimal promotional purchase order


Demand Planning and Forecasting

• Sales Forecast

• Budget model

• Demand Driven


• Automatic reorder management

• Speculative orders proposal

Delivery Management

• Warehouse Management

• Track&Trace

• Home delivery

• Cash on delivery

Omnichannel Experience

Online Engagement

• Home delivery

• Click & collect

• Drive

Fulfilment Management

• Distributed order management (DOM)

• In-store fulfillment

• Smart Mobile inStore

Store Operations Management

• Virtual store planning

• Smart PoS

• In-Store Picking

Transportation Management

Optimized Distribution

• Transport planning

• Route optimization

• Backhaul optimization

• Last mile delivery

Transport Execution

• Booking loading and unloading

• Track & trace

• Delivery issues

• Claims management

• Digital POD

• Pallet management

• Performance management & KPIs

Collaborative Procurement

• Contract management

• Invoice monitoring

• Carrier compliance

• Request for proposal

ZONA Cash and Carry

to launch new omnichannel strategy


Collaborative Digital Processes.
Digitise your retail value chain. The full dematerialization of documents and information related to goods delivery, providing a comprehensive management of the multiple processes across the delivery chain.

Smart Mobile

Back-end mobility.
Optimize logistics by integrating supply chain players and by managing processes and any criticalities in real time. Facilitate day-to-day operations, optimize timing and reduce costs of operations by displaying and sharing information in real time.

Retail Experience

50 #Principal Retail Managers.
Skills to integrate and customise specific solutions for retail industries such us master data management, trade promotion, assortments and price-lists, and re-invoicing.

Big Data

A new competitive lever.
Big Data is high-volume, high-speed and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

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Symphony Retail Solutions brings together Symphony EYC’s customer-centric retail insight solutions with the Symphony GOLD unified software for omni-channel retail to solve the toughest business problems for 15 of the world’s 30 largest retailers, thousands of retail brands, and hundreds of national and regional chains worldwide. These combined capabilities also power the Symphony Retail Cloud, the industry’s first role-based, customer-centric cloud solution that enables retailers and manufacturers to deliver more than two percent revenue growth by translating customer intelligence into insights and actions that drive bottom-line decisions.

Digitelematica is a software house with 15 years of experience in developing web and mobile applications. It is currently specialized in the development of standard software solutions, custom software and e-commerce solutions for Large-Scale Retail Trade (GDO) by using forefront technologies (Java, open source, BI, mobile, etc). The company offers turnkey e-business platforms that utilize fully-fledged, secure and efficient web technology.
Among the main customizable applications are: sales point productivity assessment systems; systems for shift management; systems for the management of reinsurance of suppliers’ Ce.Di activities and intranet systems for the information management to the stores.

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