Order Sorting Node (NSO): countdown

The Italian Public Administration is preparing to take a new step in the process of digitalisation and transparency of its business processes percorso di digitalizzazione e trasparenza dei propri processi di business.

On 1st October 2019 it will enter into force for the companies of the National Health Service, as well as for those who make purchases on behalf of these entities, the obligation to send exclusively electronically, through the Order Sorting Node (NSO), the documents attesting orders for the purchase of goods or services and their execution. The law prohibits, from that moment, to use the previous channels of transmission of order documents; invoices relating to purchase orders cannot be liquidated if the new procedure has not been complied with.

The Order Sorting Node, created on the basis of the provisions contained in the 2018 Budget Law, is a digital document transmission platform managed by Sogei on behalf of the State Accounting Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, integrated with the National Data Bank of Public Contracts and with the SDI – Interchange System.

Three types of order will be managed through the NSO:

TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage platform allows healthcare PA suppliers to communicate with the Order Sorting Node to integrate incoming electronic orders on their ERP and return the necessary answers (confirmations, proposals, …).

Moreover, through the collaborative portal of the TESISQUARE Platform, it is possible to manage the entire order cycle “procure-to-pay”.


for the Public Administration

  • Increased efficiency, traceability and speed of the purchasing process.
  • Real-time verification of the orders that have been placed and the related costs.
  • Greater simplicity in monitoring the costs of public spending.
  • Reduction of waste and inefficiencies.

for Suppliers

  • Reduction of manual data entry activities.
  • Digitization of the sales process.
  • Real-time control of the entire cycle of goods deliveries in the healthcare facility warehouse.
  • Convey orders directly to the company’s ERP system.

Link to NSO Technical Rules (Italian Only)


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