Governance, Risk and Compliance

Take an innovative approach to enhance an effective and efficient governance of audit, compliance and risk activities enabling enterprise to meet internal and external legal requirements, standards, and policies.

Orchestrate cross-functional GDPR project

Lead the enterprises to design and manage data protection system daily and data treatment security through structured, automated communication processes across offices or departments and other third parties involved. It enables to make the compliance model process both efficient (reduction of overall costs) and effective (suitable, updated and verifiable) supporting all entities involved by providing demonstrable evidence, accurate reporting on the activities, and proactive alerting system.

Enhance a compliance digitalization

Support the compliance management in new digital models that stresses control frameworks increasing complexity in the risk ecosystem by providing a complete array of digital signature (simple, advanced, and qualified) and scalable long-term archiving solution ensuring that the electronic document related will be considered authentic in accordance with internal and external policies.

Enable collaboration

as key driver

Mitigate the corporate risks taking advantage from collaborative approach that digitalizes the whole process of audit detailed tracking information for each event occurred or interaction related to compliance program and documentation updating, monitoring and exchanging inside and outside the four walls are managed as a single entity.

Compliance day-to-day support

Minimize the cost of compliance management by implementing digitalized regulatory programs in each phase collecting and storing automatically the related documents. It ensures to manage legal obligations by providing demonstrable evidence, accurate reporting on the activities and proactive alerting system so streamlining greatly the processes associated with grc’s initiatives.

3 features of tools to manage GRC in an effective and efficient way


Reduce cost providing an efficiently and effectively grc tool

Streamline audit process by digitalising each phase and foresee any problems resulting from existing risks so prevent any potential control failures before occurred. 


Easy to adapt at new policies and wide rage of application scopes

A flexible approach enables to adapt easily the existing model to new upcoming policies requirements and manage of the multiple governance models or developing projects concerning IT security, and the environmental management system.


Embrace sustainability and compliance with regulations and corporate policies ensuring stakeholder expectations and providing transparent reporting.

Processes and organization's mapping

Map all of the primary governance factors being monitored (processes and organization charts) enabling to outline multiple business model types with different features.

Risk and Control assessment

Establish a clear picture of operational risk and support the company for setting up appropriate audits and controls so it is possible to identify and plan for unexpected or emerging risks avoiding undue concentration of risk or potential control failures.

Non-compliance and improvement plan

Detect audits reporting of any deviations or non-compliance alerting as a starting point for the deployment of improvement plans aimed at updating the controls that have not passed the suitability and effectiveness verification processes.

Communication and document management

Enable to publish and store documents (procedures, check-lists, evidences, minutes…) tracking versions and variants by date so that they are always available – according to the relevant authorization levels – for all the relevant stakeholders within and outside the company.

Work Place Safety

Support the corporate for the implementation of the business model for the compliance management of all obligations concerning Workplace Safety provisions in line with OHSAS 18001 standard. It proactively supports all the participants involved (also external stakeholders) by optimizing activities and making them objective and demonstrable.

GDPR - Data Protection

Govern the processes in order to keep pace with the actual GDPR‘s act landscape that requires to corporates implementing clear policies and procedures to protect personal data and adopt appropriate technical and organizational procedures.

Outsourcing and co-sourcing compliance monitoring

Enable the enterprises to collect, and monitor the expiration data about the documentation, certifications and qualifications skills of the suppliers, subcontractors or self-employed workers technical as required by internal or legal policies. It manages regularly questionnaires to suppliers and business referrals so improving compliance with business requirements, business policies, and benchmarks.

Pharma Events and Transparency

Streamline and optimize the management and transparency of marketing initiatives (congresses, workshops, and events) where there are some restrictions applied by etichal code for pharmaceutical industry.


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