E2E Control Tower

Enhance visibility capabilities bringing data scattered across supply chain applications together into a unique and common information hub and interact directly with the connected ERP system. It deploys a wide range of tailored control tower to meet customer needs, simplifying supply chain cross business relationships, standards and processes involved.

Community Control Tower

Enable a “many-to-may-to-many” relationship so improving the cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency taking advantage from an extended community with closed loop integration of information exchanged into a unique information hub and shared common processes improving the networked companies’ orchestration capabilities.

Public Control Tower

Take control of supply chain data collecting and exchanging,  based on standard protocol such as EDI or other shared service that monitors and streams information across business partners to make it collaborative and aligned.

Private Control Tower

Provide process’ visibility within a private network (brand-owner) for speedy data and information processing and share them among multiple business partners (i.e. manufacturer, carrier, distributor, etc.) thus reducing risk or profitable responding to the disruptions.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Enhance orchestration capabilities collecting in a unique common hub all data coming from the entire supply chain processes (from manufacturing all the way to the retail shops) and providing executive dashboards with drill-down actionable functionalities.

Distribution Control Tower

Optimize collaboration across all business partners (from the warehouse to the delivery into customers’ hands) providing advanced visibility about the logistics events using dashboards that include actual status of orders, products in stock, shipments, and claims.

Main benefits achievable


Crossfunctional collaboration to improve the monitoring

Provide accurate and timely data about the status of orders enabling manufacturers, service providers, and partners to work on the same page effectively. It also works by exceptions – problems and anomalies.


Better coordinate inbound and outbound distribution flows

Streamline the operative activities so reducing the lead-time variability and improve the control over supply chain processes providing coherent data view across all the supply chain’s nodes.


Speed-up the insight into and resolution of issues

A unique and common information hub enables providing data coming from transactional systems to real-time information so responding to supply chain disruptions quickly.

Multi-enterprise data hub

Centralize the exchange of information for all trade partners so they can work collaboratively, securely, and in real time.

3rd Parties integration

Provide a seamless integration with third party systems enabling a digital supply chain ecosystem: ERPs, PLM/PDM systems, Mobile Apps, Web EDI Providers and legacy system.


Enable data analysis and exception with drill-down features and offer a rapid development of KPIs and reports.

Collaboration tools

Monitor the event status and forward proactive notification when an event occurrence using appropriate workflows.

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