Praxistag Elektronische Rechnung 2022

Cologne | May 25, 2022

As a GS1 Germany GmbH Solution Partner, TESISQUARE® is sponsoring the Praxistag Elektronische Rechnung 2022, to be held on May 25 at the GS1 Germany Knowledge Center, Cologne.

The event offers an overview of current trends in electronic invoices and provides tips for practical application. In 2022 there will again be answers to exciting questions that affect your business practice: 

  • Clearance Models and Transaction-Based Reporting – What is that and what is the need for action here?
  • What updates are there for ZUGFeRD, Factur-X, XRechnung & Co.?
  • Electronic receipts – developments in e-receipts from a European perspective.
  • Digital delivery note as the next step in digitization
  • Which innovations in sales tax, archiving and tax audit do I have to consider?

According to literature, e-Invoicing marks a “starting point” into a broader #DigitalTransformation evolution in many companies. But where to go once you get here?
Are you in charge of ensuring the efficient business transformation in the operations of your company?

Let’s assess together how to manage operational and regulatory challenges, enabling your #B2X #DigitalEcosystem of the (near) future – with what our experts call #ExtendedIntegration.