Happy Birthday, TESISQUARE!

TESISQUARE, a leading partner to build digital supply chain ecosystems, turns 25 + 1 and celebrates with its employees with a week of live performances with the “La Belle Vie”, the show signed by the best performers of Cirque du Soleil.

In the setting of the company’s headquarters in Bra, employees and their families, acrobats, dancers and other performers took part in the celebrations of an important milestone, which told the story and future of a dream. A special occasion to celebrate an ambitious project born in 1995, which saw its birth thanks to the far-sighted vision of its founder Giuseppe Pacotto, fueled by a passion for technology and innovation. A virtuous design, which has always placed people at the centre, as the driving force behind company change. A special thank goes to all the staff for helping to write this success story!

Digital Innovation Gate 421 Foundation, a hive of ideas.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, TESISQUARE focuses on the future and on people with the opening of the Digital Innovation Gate for XXI Century Foundation, the new innovation hub that aims to become a point of reference, gathering and grounding new solutions that can meet the needs that will arise.

“A not-for-profit participation foundation with an open corporate structure that encourages collaboration between several bodies sharing the same objectives. An innovative place based on people, ideas, culture and sharing, where the development of workplace learning is encouraged. The underlying aim is therefore to put structure and know-how at the service of anyone who needs them to generate new opportunities. From the mission to the architectural structure, it is an innovative project. From the values to the architectural design, by Nemesi Studio, the Foundation aims to become a place where a new Humanism is the protagonist, with people, ideas, sharing, knowledge and culture at its core. The Campus, which today inaugurated its first element, will be progressively implemented in stages over the next few years, also including a park open to the public.