TESISQUARE featured in the SCM IT Subway Map Europe 2021

In a constantly evolving marketplace, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers need to stay up to date with the right supply chain applications to support their critical processes, Supply Chain Media launched the “IT Subway Map” in 2010, and it has been updated regularly ever since to provide an overview of IT vendors in the supply chain.

Click on the image to discover which stations TESISQUARE is specializing in.


Supply chain visibility
Transparency in the supply chain workflow facilitated through the built-in messaging and data transport system that can allow the participants in the supply chain system such as supply chain partners to keep track of the items they need in a real time environment.

Shipment & transport execution platforms
Software platform to select carriers and manage shipments of packages, pallets and containers by using booking, tracking, accounting and reporting capabilities (also called Freight Management).

Software or online platform for business-to-business purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services to manage the purchase-to-pay cycle (logistics tendering not included).