Dropshipping: how to sell online easily

Dropshipping (or drop ship or drop-shipment) is selling a product online without actually having it in a warehouse. The items are not effectively owned by the Seller but are offered to buyers by acting as an intermediary between the public and the Supplier.
This thanks to a commercial agreement between the Vendor and the primary Supplier, with a view to mutual benefit.
The Dropshipper, i.e. the product Supplier, will manage all logistical activities after receiving the order from the Seller, sending the goods directly to the end buyer. The Vendor is responsible for marketing and web positioning.

EDI: why integrating with Amazon

The use of EDI messages from and to Amazon helps automate and digitize the process of managing administrative and logistics flows between the e-tailer and its primary suppliers. If you are an Amazon seller, integrating your business processes with the e-tailer through an automated system can make a difference and improve your performance.

EDI is the solution for integrating purchase orders, logistics processes, and digital document exchange.
Fewer manual operations mean less time spent and fewer errors.

TESISQUARE is an Amazon Preferred Partner and integrates more than 200 customer companies that trade electronically with Amazon.

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