e-Delivery Note now mandatory in Turkey

Digitisation is a continuous trend that has already redesigned almost all sectors of the economy and society today worldwide.

After the successful transition to e-invoicing, e-archiving and e-bookkeeping in Turkey, from 1 July 2020, all taxpayers with revenue above 25 million TL in 2018 or subsequent years must switch to the e-Delivery Note system.

The Turkish Revenue Administration published in 2017 a regulation for e-Delivery Note aiming to ease tax transactions as well as increasing the transparency. Initially the deadline was set on 01.07.2018 for the taxpayers who were currently subject to e-invoicing, but it has then been postponed several times until now.

TESISQUARE has been providing digital transformation services across Europe for several years and it has also been active in Turkey with some multi-national customers that runs e-Invoicing, EDI, electronic document management and, now, e-Delivery Note too.