VER – Verband Elektronische Rechnung Virtual Member Meeting next June 17, 2020

TESISQUARE will attend the next Virtual Member Meeting, held by the VeR Board.
Germany is going to face an important change, with the start of compulsory B2G e-invoicing at the end of the year and the topics to be discussed will be many. The meeting, that will take place on Wednesday June 17th, 2020 from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, will also be an opportunity to present the study by Prof. Ismer on the topic of “Digitization of VAT – Electronic invoicing system and Italian customs clearance system as a reference model”.


  • Welcome
  • Questions in the virtual plenary
  • Finances (short financial status)
  • Presentation of a study by Prof. Ismer on the topic “Digitization of sales tax – Italian e-bill and clearance system as a model”
  • Lessons Learned “E-Billing in Public Administration”
  • 6th update to the 2020 E-Bill Summit
  • Other

TESISQUARE is member of VeR e-Invoicing Alliance Germany, the German organization that gathers e-invoicing providers. The goal of VeR e-Invoicing Alliance Germany is to guarantee the complete and free interoperability to facilitate the communication between providers and companies in the German market helping to respect the e-invoicing current legislation.