TESISQUARE® closed 2019 with turnover exceeding 36 million euros

International revenues rise to 25%, with a double-digit growth compared to national opportunities

Bra (CN), 24.04.2020. TESISQUARE® a technological partner specialised in the design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems establishes itself as one of the leading ICT vendors in Europe. Moreover TESISQUARE® consolidates its position in the 2019 IDC ranking of the Top 100 software and IT services companies in Italy.

“2019 has been an important year; it has absorbed us in reinforcing our presence in the international market, which confirmed a growth rate twice as high as the national. 25% of the turnover was generated by projects abroad,” said Andrea Pifferi, General Manager of TESISQUARE®. “It is a challenging result, which underlines our commitment to improving process quality and proudly keeps our customer retention rate at 99%.” 

The international footprint is crucial for TESISQUARE®, strengthening its presence abroad with local branches. New plan includes the opening of the Munich branch in Germany, which allows the company to gain greater control over the TESISQUARE® offering, and support complex digital ecosystems through innovative tools to compete in a constantly evolving market, thus consolidating the growth path on the German market.

Innovation is an essential driver for company’s competitiveness, which has increased Research and Development spending over the last years while investing 9.5% of its turnover to developing solutions and integrating new technologies for TESISQUARE® collaborative platforms. Building business ecosystems is utmost important. “Leveraging innovation also means to harmonise diverse skills, and bring the market solutions to adequately respond to emerging needs” added Giuseppe Pacotto, Chairman and CEO of TESISQUARE®. “For this reason, in TESISQUARE® we believe in the value generated by a network of internal and external capabilities as a business model to accelerate change. For instance, a telehealth solution such as TESI eViSuS® has seen a considerable growth in interest over the past two months due to its effectiveness as a protective device to reduce the risk of contagion for medical staff”.