Collaborative supplier management, how to efficiently find the right partner

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to grow and evolve, companies need to ensure operational continuity by setting clear procedures to improve the most critical issues. Exploiting technological platforms to mitigate the impacts on the upstream Supply Chain processes is the first step towards a successful supplier collaboration, which allows companies to keep supply breakdown under control, and optimise relationships, timing and costs.

Finding alternative suppliers becomes crucial to both satisfy quality and geographical criteria while considering the current scenario. Digital tools can help you  increase collaboration with your suppliers, and easily collect data and documents to make short-term responses.

Supply Chain Interactive Collaboration is cloud-based service that helps you assign and keep the supply under control, by engaging your supplier base, and track their commitments. This service can enable you to easily:

  • set up a bid process involving suppliers located outside the risk area;
  • monitor the order management;
  • keep the supply execution under control.


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