Faster customer integration at the time of Covid-19: the secret lies in the multi-channel approach

In an emergency context such as the current one, in which time plays a key role in responding to changing demand variations and logistical complexity put even the most consolidated supply chains to the test, digitization can help the business in many ways.
As for the active cycle, digitizing order-to-pay processes through multichannel services can help mitigate the impacts of the “Coronavirus Shock”, extending digital integration with even IT-unstructured customers, facilitating the approval process remotely, thanks to the digital workflow and enabling the operation of a sales office in smart working. And without impacting on the customers’ operations, deeply stressed by the context, in sending orders.

Through the TESISQUARE B2B Integration Brokerage Cloud platform it is possible to achieve complete and fast integration with your customers in the acquiring and executing order process, as well as in the billing process, both with large, IT-structured companies and with small, non-digitized companies. This is thanks to the multi-channel data acquisition, which enables to manage and transform, through automatic workflows, orders in any format – electronic and non-electronic – into data flows via OCR, web EDI, web portal, file acquisition (excel, pdf, …), proprietary flows, etc.

The solution consists of independent and interoperable modules that can be activated quickly according to the specific needs of the moment, are extremely simple to use and minimally invasive of information systems:

  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
  • NSO – Order Sorting Node
  • Document acquisition and management
  • Approval workflow
  • B2G and B2B e-Invoicing
  • Digital storage and legally compliant archiving


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