Coronavirus, solutions to mitigate supply chain risks

The effects of the Coronavirus emergency are now visible on a global scale. The supply-chain breakdown, the delay in distribution and the reduction in the volumes are compelling companies to pay attention to rapid and effective measures for employees safety and operational productivity.

What risks for supply chains?

The spread of Coronavirus requires the need to bring upstream and downstream processes under control to promptly react to the current scenarios. In the current context, procurement teams are playing a key role in minimizing the impact of supply disruptions and ensuring business continuity. Companies need to be able to offer flexibility to protect future outages by supporting their customers in proactive and resilient risk management. Technology and collaborative platforms can help companies in ensuring end-to-end transparency in the supply chain, real-time data collection,  the simulation of alternative scenarios.

How TESISQUARE® can help you?

TESISQUARE® officially launched the Customer Advisory Board aiming at working with customers, consulting companies and the academic community to quickly identify solutions to mitigate Coronavirus shock on extended supply chains in a “ONE-STOP PARTNER” approach. Together with the ecosystem partners, it offers agile and standardised services in “plug ‘n Play” mode. Solutions can be deployed quickly in order to meet companies’ needs and make their business more effective and efficient.

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