NSO: the CDMS webinar takes stock just over a month after launch

On 12 February, Confindustria Medical Devices Services realized, with the technological collaboration of the partner TESISQUARE, a webinar to update its associates on the NSO theme.
During the session, an overview was provided on the progress of the Order Sorting Node just over a month after the operational departure and in a global and above all national context of great difficulty due to the spread of Covid-19.

The data provided by the State Accounting Office, headed by the Italian MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance), report that in February approximately 450,000 orders were processed with a growing trend: from around 80 thousand in the first week to 130 thousand in the fourth; even the numbers of the first days of March suggest a positive continuation.
Lombardy stands out among the most virtuous regions, but interesting volumes have also been managed in Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Campania and Sicily.

The percentage of rejected orders is quite high, about 11% (over 43,000 documents), a symptom of a system still in the process of settling, which however shows a positive trend, with a constant reduction of the files in error.
The biggest problems today emerge from errors in the content and not in the form of the Orders: in fact, these are not technological problems, since when an Order arrives at its destination it has already passed NSO and its consistency checks. They are rather problems of “process culture”, as it is often the person who issues the Order who does not understand the importance of which information to manage and how to transfer it. These situations – such as the history of the EDI projects transfer us – are resolved by dialoguing with the other party, explaining the importance of entering or managing information correctly and networking.

An estimate conducted on the basis of the data provided by 4 providers, 3 of which involved in the experimentation with NSO, for a total of approximately 198,000 orders processed in February, almost all were Simple Orders, including the related changes (about 95%), just a 2% of Pre-agreed Orders and the almost total absence of Complete Orders.


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