TESISQUARE launches the consultancy service to optimize the warehouse layout

Companies that invest in innovation and warehouse optimization, particularly in the preparation area, can increase the overall efficiency of the processes in the short term, with improvements such as an increase in productivity, a decrease in index dispersion of the product group, as well as the elimination of wrongly positioned articles.
For these reasons, TESISQUARE has extended the range of consultancy services for its customers, aimed at optimizing the deposits.

In the basic mode, TESISQUARE trains the warehouse staff to use the TESI Warehouse Efficiency software solution on a specific area (or more areas, depending on the company’s needs) of the deposit, thus giving the customer the opportunity to proceed independently on the remaining ones.

If the logistics and organizational needs of the customer do not require the adoption of in-house software solution, while remaining the need to revise and periodically optimize the picking area layout, TESISQUARE offers a turnkey consulting service to examine, through the software and thanks to the work of specialized analysts, the critical issues of the customer’s warehouse in the picking area, to identify the optimal position of the items subject to picking and to update the warehouse display, in coherence with specific variables such as seasonality, special operations and assortment. For all these situations, discontinuity in use merepresents a further motivation for the adoption of a consultancy service, in order to ensure optimal results by specialized personnel fully dedicated to solve these kind issues daily.


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