Amendments to the Ministerial Decree 7 December 2018: officialized start dates

In the face of an original start date scheduled for October 1, 2019, and the subsequent deliberate extension during the meeting of 25th September 25 2019 between the MEF, the Regions and the Trade Associations, on last 27th December the Amendments to the 7/12/2018 Ministerial Decree were published.
They concern the “Modalities and times for the implementation of the provisions on the issue and transmission of documents certifying the ordering of purchases of goods and services made in electronic form, to be applied to entities of the National Health Service, pursuant to article 1, paragraph 414, of the law 27 December 2017, n. 205 “, and sanction the following:

  • 1st February 2020 electronic order for the purchase of goods by the NHS bodies
  • 1st January 2021 electronic order for the purchase of services by SSN entities
  • 1st January 2021 non-payability of invoices relating to goods that do not contain the reference to the electronic order
  • 1st January 2022 non-payment of invoices relating to services that do not contain the reference to the electronic order

1 February 2020 e-Order for goods: there’s no long to wait now!

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