Are you a Public Health Administration provider? NSO is at the starting line!

After the extension communicated at the end of September, which delayed the start of the Order Sorting Node, the launch as of 1st February is now confirmed (as regards orders for goods). Soon it will therefore be necessary for the suppliers of the Public Health Administration to equip themselves in order to be able to receive purchase orders in electronic format, through NSO.

There’s not long to wait now!

If you haven’t yet thought about how to tackle this new step towards Digital Transformation




TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage platform allows healthcare PA suppliers to communicate with the Order Sorting Node to integrate incoming electronic orders on their ERP and return the necessary answers (confirmations, proposals, …). Moreover, through the collaborative portal of the TESISQUARE Platform, it is possible to manage the entire cycle of the “procure-to-pay” order.