Electronic invoice consultation service option extended to 20th December

On 30th October, the new deadline for participating in the consultation and acquisition service for electronic invoices by VAT operators (or their intermediaries) and final consumers was set for 20th December by a provision of the Director of the Revenue Agency.

The extension was necessary in order to:

  • implement the changes introduced by the fiscal link to the 2020 Budget Law (Dl n. 124/2019);
  • allow tax payers to have more time to join the service.

Please note that to participate in the consultation and acquisition service for your electronic invoices:

  • VAT operators, must register with the Invoices and fees portal; starting from the day after registration, all e-invoices issued and received as of 1st January 2019 will be available;
  • final consumers, individuals, can subscribe to the service in the reserved area of Fisconline.

TESISQUARE is able to assist you in this delicate task thanks to the experience of its consultants on digital and dematerialization issues.