Status quo of electronic invoicing in the third quarter from the start

The third quarter of this first year of Electronic Invoicing in Italy ended; the official data of the Revenue Agency, analyzed by the Politecnico di Milano, show an interesting overview, which sees 56% of the national business fabric involved in the phenomenon (2.8 million VAT, most of which are micro-enterprises) .
The invoices sent from 1 January to 10 October were 1.5 billion, with a gap that has now settled at around 2.6%, compared to an initial value, in January, close to 5%.
Of these, more than half were addressed to companies, only 1.5% to the PA and the rest are in the B2c area, including the “bills” of various utilities.
Lombardy and Lazio have transmitted more than half of the invoices exchanged and almost half of the total has been sent by realities of wholesale and retail trade and, precisely, by utilities.

Interestingly, of the 2.2 million companies (44%) excluded from the obligation, almost 580,000 have sent at least one electronic invoice voluntarily.
It is therefore a phenomenon that continues to grow and that will see an increasing number of companies involved.

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Source: Webinar “Fatturazione Elettronica: i benefici e le opportunità identificati dall’osservatorio” – Osservatorio Fatturazione Elettronica & e-Commerce B2B della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano