Option to consult electronic invoices in the Revenue Agency portal

Following the receipt by the Revenue Agency of the comments made at the end of 2018 by the Privacy Guarantor, VAT holders must explicitly choose by 31st October whether to make their electronic invoices visible on the platform again of the Inland Revenue to the “Invoices and Fees” section.

In the event of failure to adhere to the service, the invoices issued and received will be automatically deleted by 30 December 2019, according to the provisions of the measures introduced for the protection of privacy. It will be possible to adhere to the consultation even afterwards but, in this case, only the invoices issued after the signing of the agreement will be viewable.

In order to exercise the option to consult and acquire electronic invoices or their IT duplicates, it is required to have fisconline/ SPID/ CNS credentials or use a trusted representative.

TESISQUARE is able to assist you in this delicate task thanks to the experience of its consultants on digital and dematerialization issues.