CFCamp 2019 | 10th European Conference on CFLM

TESISQUARE will be giving a talk at CFCamp 2019, the leading European conference on CFML, Lucee and Adobe ColdFusion, held from October 17 – 18, 2019 in Munich.

The two-days conference brings together 200+ web developerstesters, and technology enthusiasts, interested in learning about the latest developments in the CFML world, and technologies in the fields of web and mobile development. CFCamp 2019 encourages attendees to look beyond their day-to-day platform of choice and keep up to date on the latest technology trends.

With over 100 talk proposals submitted, the Programme Committee selected speakers and technology experts, filtering out the best talks both in terms of quality and coherence with the conference. As part of our continuous improvement, TESISQUARE will be taking part in the session with a speech entitled: “End to End Testing of Coldfusion Applications using Test Cafe” by Francisco Mancardi, Methodology Manager of TESISQUARE.

CFCamp 2019 will be taking place in 17+18th October – Munich Airport Marriott Hotel, Freising.

For more information visit: CFCAMP 2019