NSO: extended departure

On September 25th, during the meeting between the MEF, the Regions and the Trade Associations in view of the entry into force of the obligation to send the Order electronically through

NSO – Order Sorting Node

the extension of the start date has been approved, and it will be staggered to allow a gradual change.

This decision was necessary because most public bodies would not have been able to use the interchange system within the timeframe envisaged by the Law Decree with serious procedural repercussions both for Public Entities and for their Suppliers.

These are the new dates:

  • 1° February 2020 electronic order for the purchase of goods by the institutions of the NHS
  • 1° January 2021 non-payment of invoices relating to goods that do not contain a reference to the electronic order
  • The departure of electronic orders for service purchases is further postponed.

In the coming days, a formal notice of the extensions shared during the meeting will be published on the website of the State General Accounting Office.

The new ministerial decree, necessary to make changes to the current text of the law (MEF Decree of 7 December 2018), will be formalized after 1 October 2019.

The NSO platform remains usable on a voluntary basis if the Entity and the Supplier are already able to proceed with sending and receiving electronic orders.

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