TESISQUARE is GS1 Germany Solution Partner

After the start of the collaboration, in 2018, with the company Webware Internet Solutions GmbH, TESISQUARE takes another step to strengthen its presence in Germany.

Already part of GS1 Italy, GS1 France, GS1 UK and GS1 Spain as EDI International Service Provider, the company has in fact recently become Solution Partner of GS1 Germany, a strategic asset for the e-invoicing and dematerialization market at international level and to guarantee its customers a high quality standard and full interoperability with companies operating on the German market.

GS1 is an organization dedicated to the design and implementation of standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of the supply chain globally in all sectors. GS1’s interests are represented at meetings with official bodies such as the United Nations and the European Commission, international organizations and other bodies.

TESISQUARE’s EDI service allows users to manage standard and non-standard messages, exchanging different types of documents within the company network and ensuring interconnection and interoperability between national and international networks.


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