e-Invoice: in six months exceeded one billion files

With the press release of 2 July, the Revenue Agency released a new balance sheet six months after the start of the B2B Electronic Invoicing.

The figures now speak of six-figure numbers, with over a billion files transmitted via the SdI (Interchange System) by more than three million operators throughout Italy for a total value of almost 1,700 billion euros.

The sector most affected by the transmission of electronic invoices is that of wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, which records 265,596,199 consignments by 714,580 operators. This is followed by the electricity and gas supply sector, information and communication services and manufacturing activities.

Milan is at the top of the list of the most active cities in terms of number of invoices sent, with over 257 million mailings, followed by Rome, about 196 million mailings, and Turin, with 36 million files sent.

The numbers of TESISQUARE go hand in hand, with projections at the end of 2019 that indicate a total of over 50 million invoice documents managed and peak days on which TESI e-Integration transits more than 340,000 documents related to Electronic Invoicing through TESI e-Integration’s, the Integration Brokerage platform.

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