Conference on Electronic Invoicing: a chance for change – what has emerged

TESISQUARE®, Partner of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, on 27th June participated in the presentation of the results of the 2018-2019 Research of the B2B Invoicing & eCommerce Observatory.

Here are some highlights that emerged during the e-Invoicing conference:

  • from 1st January to 6th June, 850 million electronic invoices passed through Italy;
  • the estimate at the end of the year speaks of around 2 billion documents, of which 54% in the B2B area;
  • thanks to Electronic Invoicing between private individuals, around 700 million in tax evasion was blocked upstream;
  • 10% of companies not obliged to adhere to the electronic bill system, as they fall under the minimum system – around 400,000 companies – have nevertheless chosen digital.

Interesting results, therefore, that show a rosy future for the digital transformation of Italian companies.

But there was not just talk about electronic invoicing. Another topic of great current interest was that of the NSO – Order Node Sorting for the digital management of orders for goods and services between the healthcare PA and its suppliers, which will come into effect next 1st October: the digitalisation of the DDT as confirmed next step in the digital path.

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