NSO – Nodo Smistamento Ordini (Order Sorting Node): Training Webinars of Confindustria Medical Devices and TESISQUARE

On October 1, 2019 it will come into force for the companies of the National Health Service, as well as for those who make purchases on behalf of these bodies, the obligation to send only electronically, through the Order Sorting Node (NSO), documents certifying orders for the purchase of goods or services and their execution. The law prohibits, from that moment, to use the previous channels of transmission of order documents; invoices relating to purchase orders cannot be liquidated if the new procedure has not been complied with with the management system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
This is a further step in the process of digitalisation and transparency of the business processes of the Public Administration, which will soon see the extension also to the other entities of the Public Administration.
The Order Sorting Node, created on the basis of the provisions of the 2018 Budget Law, is a digital document transmission system managed by the State Accounting Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, integrated with the National Database of Public Contracts and with the SDI – Interchange system.
On March 15th the document containing the Technical Rules, released in their complete and updated version on May 9th, was published for the issuance and transmission of electronic orders, with particular reference to the SSN Entities.
The NSO platform identifies the UBL layout as a structured electronic format, the same identified by the European Commission as a reference in the European single digital supply chain market. The actors involved in the process are the Public Administrations (institutions of the NHS), the suppliers of goods and services and their intermediaries.
The Technical Rules define the methods of carrying out the service with effect from 1 October 2019 for the three types of order: Simple, Complete, Pre-agreed.
TESISQUARE®, as an expert and technological partner, he works as a speaker at the NSO training webinars organized by Confindustria Devices Medical Services in collaboration with the MEF and addressed to associated companies.

10/06 – 15:30
Introduction to the NSO (Dr. Paolo Trimarchi – MEF)

18/06 – 10:00 am
Transmission methodologies (TESISQUARE®)

25/06 – 10:00 am
Order acquisition, validation and monitoring (TESISQUARE®)

02/07 – 10:00 am
The expert answers (TESISQUARE®)