Electronic invoicing: a chance for change

TESISQUARE®, as a partner of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, will participate in the Conference organized by the B2b Electronic Invoicing Observatory on June 27th, from 09.30 to 13.30, in the Aula Magna Carassa and Dadda from the Bovisa Campus in Milan.

2019 is the year of major changes in the B2b sphere: from January companies have the obligation to exchange electronic invoices, from April the European PAs can dialogue through a single FE standard, from July the operators will have to transmit electronic fees, from October all health companies will have to send only electronic orders.
The 2019 Convention aims to provide tools, data and ideas to help Italian companies transform these obligations into opportunities and navigate in waters where competitiveness is determined by the ability to operate in complex ecosystems and where new technologies (such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence) are ready to bring new organizational, business and relationship models.

These are the questions that the researchers will try to answer:

  • What are the numbers of electronic invoicing in the first months after the start of the obligation?
  • What are the critical points and the problems to solve and what are the hints for improvement?
  • What is the state of progress of European electronic invoicing and the electronic order in healthcare?
  • What are the opportunities offered by electronic invoicing?
  • How much is B2B eCommerce worth in Italy?
  • How widespread and why invest in solutions for supply chain integration (EDI, Extranet, Marketplace, cloud platforms, etc.)?
  • What are the most common payment methods in B2b and which are the main trends?
  • What are the applications of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain area?


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