BIGDATATECH 2018|Data for Human

TESISQUARE will take part in the BIGDATATECH 2018 event, which will take place on October 25 at the PALAZZO GIURECONSULTI in Milan.

Now in its fifth edition, BIGDATATECH 2018, brings with it a reflection that brings with it a wide-ranging reflection to try to define how the rapid changes taking place in the IT sector, the consequent growth of data in qualitative and quantitative terms and the redefinition of strategies companies with a data driven perspective impinging not only on business processes, but also on human behavioural models.
As it is well established, collecting data is no longer sufficient: it is necessary to be able to analyse them, having a high level vision to define a data driven strategy. New strategies based on information derived from data will increasingly have a major impact not only on business processes but also on human behavioural models.

From these considerations, the 2018 edition of the Big Data Tech Event takes its cue, which focuses on man in the first place, as an element of fundamental analysis that is essential from the context in which it is inserted. Hence the title “Data for Human”. As every year, the aim of the event will be to address the trend topics related to this sector through the experiences and projects of our customers and the contribution of tech-influencers for specific areas.

Gianluca Giaccardi, Chief Product Officer of TESISQUARE, will participate with a speech entitled: “Collaborative Supply Chain Solutions in Data-Driven Optics”.

For more information: BIGDATATECH 2018 | Data for Human (Italian website only)