TESISQUARE is GS1 UK accredited solution provider

We are pleased to announce that, following the GS1 Italy, GS1 Spain and GS1 France certifications, TESISQUARE has achieved the GS1 UK  eCOM certified, by confirming high competence and experience in EDI (Integration Brokerage) and GS1 standards.


TESISQUARE EDI service allows users to manage standard and non-standard messages, exchanging different types of documents within the corporate network, ensuring interconnection and interoperability between national and international networks.
The service is delivered in “on-premise” or “as-a-service” mode, allowing companies to minimize integration costs with legacy information systems and reduce hardware and software infrastructure costs.

About GS1

GS1 is an international non-profit making association mostly widespread in the world for the codification of products in the consumer goods sector, with over 100 member organizations.
The goal of GS1 is to provide a standard language through bar codes and symbols and the use of specialised and standardised tools such as EDI, thus avoiding the proliferation of proprietary systems different from country to country.


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