Electronic Invoicing: new drive for digital B2B

TESISQUARE®, School of Management of Milan’s Politecnico partner, will attend on June 26 the Convention organized by Osservatorio Fatturazione Elettronica & eCommerce B2b.

The Convention will be held at Aula Magna Carassa e Dadda, Campus Bovisa, Milan from 09:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

We will deepen, as suggested by the title of the Conference, DIGITAL topics and in particular eCommerce, Electronic Invoicing and Blockchain. The Osservatorio’s 2017-2018 research focused mainly on these issues with an in-depth analysis of how both large companies and small, medium-sized enterprises approach them.

Following the questions that the Researchers will try to answer:

  • How much is eCommerce B2b worth in Italy?
  • What are the main solutions adopted by companies?
  • What is new about Electronic Invoicing between private business partners?
  • What are the virtuous cases of electronic invoicing between private business partners today?
  • What difficulties do companies face in extending the use of digital within them and in market relationships?
  • What are the Blockchain applications in the Supply Chain market?
  • How many are the Start-ups that develop B2b solutions and how are they classified?