TESISQUARE® announces the 6.0 release of the collaborative platform for Supply Chain Visibility

TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 proposes a new approach to Supply Chain management with the release of the “TESI Control Tower” software suite, a solution able to provide tools for monitoring and governing Supply chain performance.

Serralunga D’Alba (CN), Italy, May 30, 2018 – TESISQUARE®, a technological partner specialised in the design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems, today announced the launch of the TESISQUARE Platform 6.0, result of an investment plan aimed at enhancing the features of analysis, control and monitoring of the Supply Chain. TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 was presented at the event Boost your business network, build your collaborative ecosystem, which was held on 17 and 18 May at the Fontanafredda Estate, located in Serralunga D’Alba (CN).

The Supply Chain Visibility platform is able to orchestrate and manage the processes both upstream (inbound) and downstream (outbound) in order to allow the improvement of the Supply Chain performance and level of services. The platform enables a “multi-enterprise data hub” approach, based on a unique data model shared between partners, allowing it to work collaboratively, securely and in real time in complex, heterogeneous, international supply and procurement networks.

TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 enriches with the new release of the “TESI Control Tower software suite, a powerful tool for the synthesis and governance of the process that collects and systematizes the transactional data coming from the platform solutions. The information is available and can be consulted in graphic form through dashboard, with drill-down functionality and native and direct access to operational and executive process data, maps and graphs, able to highlight anomalies, problems and trends, so as to provide easy information to be interpreted and oriented to improve the performance of the business.

“TESI Control Tower software suite, the main innovation of the 6.0 release– declares Eng. Andrea Pifferi, General Manager of TESISQUARE® “allows us to provide our customers with a series of visibility tools able to support them in the processes of governance and monitoring of performance and levels of service to final customers.”

The main features of TESI Control Tower include service level metrics and “ready to use” performance indexes, developed on the SCOR® model, which allow to work for exceptions, to manage comparisons and benchmarks among the various players, to act promptly and on time on supply chain problems, anticipating critical issues or finding opportunities for improvement in operational processes. In addition, tools for self-service analytics are included, where the end user is able to independently define the reports and dashboards of interest.

The open architecture includes the possibility of integrating information from external sources (big data), to manage data streams so as to open up to issues of interest and innovation nowadays more and more requested by the world of Supply Chain as IoT and Blockchain” – specifies Gianluca Giaccardi, Chief Product Officer of TESISQUARE® to date we are already working on the roadmap which includes tools of” What-if Scenario “and integration with advanced analytics“.

The new release of TESISQUARE Platform 6.0, which includes over 30 applications, will be available to all customers from June 2018 in both On-Premises and Cloud.