TESISQUARE® faces omnichannel challenge expanding its offering in Retail sector

Growth, internationalization and offering expansion are the keywords of TESISQUARE® strategy, in order to support companies in the creation of their digital collaborative ecosystem.

Milan, 15.03.2018. TESISQUARE® continues to grow in national and international IT market, expanding the offering and doing new investments for future. The company has reached relevant goals, in terms of growing; in fact, first of all, turnover has increased of 30% in the last two years and, secondly, the customer portfolio, in particular in international countries, has been expanded, so that now Tesisquare® is present in 80 countries. “Thanks to the maturity achieved in more than 20 years of software developing and implementation, we are ready to face the omnichannel challenge, expanding the offering, in order to digitalize all the collaborative process of supply chain, from supplier to costumer” –  Giuseppe Pacotto, CEO & Founder of TESISQUARE®, affirms.

In this way, TESISQUARE® platform is complete and covers all the sales and distribution process, including virtual and physical store. Therefore, companies have the opportunity to adopt strategies, in which customer is in the centre (costumer centricity), and to meet the purchase requirements of consumer both in shops and in digital universe.

“We propose a digital ecosystem, which is able to interconnect systems, processes and people in a supply chain; from supplier to retailer, to final consumer, through multiple logistics chains. We propose to digitalise processes in a logic of “extended enterprise” and to transform data into information, models and actions, which create value for all the supply chain” Andrea PifferiGeneral Manager of TESISQUARE® has said during the event “Omnichannel Customer Experience: multiple touch points, one customer”, which took place 15th March at offices in Assago, Milan.

Thus, TESISQUARE® proposes an integrated offer, which supports Retailer, with an omnichannel approach up to date with new needs of final consumers.