TESISQUARE qualified by GS1 France for Qualification 2017 – Facture électronique EDI

We are pleased to announce that, as part of the EDI and e-Invoicing services, we have successfully concluded the certification process with GS1 France agency, in order to better support the international business needs of our customers.

Indeed, thanks to the professionalism and dedication of the working group, TESISQUARE® has recently achieved the Qualification 2017 – Facture électronique EDI in accordance with article 289-VII 3 ° of the Code Général des Impôts, TDOC v1.7.

The Qualification 2017 – Facture électronique EDI certifies the compliance of the EDI format used by TESISQUARE® for electronic invoicing and archiving according to the current regulations.

GS1 is an international non-profit making association most widespread in the world for the codification of products in the consumer goods sector, with over 100 member organizations. The goal of GS1 is to provide a standard language through bar codes and symbols and the use of specialized and standardized tools such as EDI, thus avoiding the proliferation of proprietary systems different from country to country.

Entrusting the dematerialization of invoices to an internationally certified provider is important! The secure and scalable electronic invoicing service of TESISQUARE allows the connection with any business partner or national and international public body, in compliance with European and extra-European regulations:

Among the main advantages of Electronic Invoicing there are savings in costs and man – hours but how much? So much!

With the amendment no. SPE1561 (Rect), the French government has declared that invoice dematerialization brings a significant advantage. In particular, a reduction from 50% to 75% of data entry activities and a reduction of costs of about 30%.

For updates on e-invoicing and TESISQUARE® presentation please write to e invoicing@service.tesisquare.com