Contract Logistics Observatory: Lavazza testimonial of TESISQUARE®

TESISQUARE has presented Lavazza case in Turin with Silvia Barbieri, Supply Chain Director, at Contract Logistics “Gino Marchet” Observatory.

Turin, 30.01.2018. The conference “Areas of innovation in logistics: experiences in comparison” for presentation of Research findings carried out by Contract Logistics Observatory of School of Management of Politecnico of Milan has had a big success in public and in participation. The event has taken place today in Turin at CNH Industrial Village.

After institutional greetings, there has been a speech of Marco Melacini, Scientific Director of Contract Logistics Observatory. After that, there have been presented some cases of innovative logistics about market trends, logistics process transformation in omnichannel field and agribusiness logistics.

During the event, Silvia Barbieri, Supply Chain Director, has presented the logistics project of Lavazza. She has analyzed the business logistics network, specifying the complexity of the outsourcing, which implies the management of data and information in time and in a collaborative way with all the supply chain actors.

In this fieldElena Tappia, Director of Contract Logistics Observatory, has specified –  it is relevant to develop collaborative platforms, which causes an effective management of Supply Chain”.   


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