TESISQUARE®: positive growth forecasts for 2017

The Italian IT company, specialized in collaborative solutions, grows in Italy and on international markets and closes the 2017 Financial Statements with brilliant performances, distributing part of the extra profits provided to the Personnel

Milan, 18.12.2017. Just a few days to the end of year festivities and TESISQUARE® announces the brilliant results obtained in 2017, which have been consolidating its position, also recognized by several research and IT advisory companies, as a leading company in the Information Technology, by deploying software solutions and collaborative platforms for the Supply Chain and Retail.

The numbers released during the recent company convention speak of a significant increase in turnover compared to 2016, which grew by 16%: a value well above the average performance of the sector, estimated at + 6% in 2017 (Source Assinform / NetConsulting Cube). The CEO & Founder Giuseppe Pacotto together with the General Manager Andrea Pifferi illustrated the expansion of the international client portfolio, which sees the company present in 80 countries around the world, enriched with prestigious names in the sectors of Fashion, Food, Retail and E-commerce, with interesting projects in the Netherlands, Spain, France, UK, Brazil and USA.

At the same time, the workforce has grown, exceeding 300 employees, as reported by Marco Trovesi, Chief of Human Resources and Organizational Officer. “Growth is not only numerical, but also of skills and responsibilities, as foreseen in our long-term development plan. 25% of the company has obtained international certifications or assumed positions of greater responsibility and all the newly enrolled have attended the internal Academy. The results obtained are for us only possible thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the people”.

CEO Giuseppe Pacotto adds: “ For this reason, we have deemed, in agreement with the Executive Committee, the distribution of the extra performance margin with respect to the established budget, through a premium of equal amount for all resources without exclusion of seniority or corporate role”. “Parallel to company development, the company has experienced managerial growth with which it has evolved the positioning of offerings and their communication skills. Due to these solid foundations, we can look far, as regards the international scenario and the strengthening of the internal market “.

“The market strategy – explains General Manager Andrea Pifferi – was created to meet the growing need of organizations to build collaborative digital ecosystems. The company has focused on strengthening the TESISQUARE PLATFORM through the strengthening of the product team, with new investments for the development of its roadmap and the underlying core technologies