TESISQUARE and EATALY: High food and Italian High Technology

EATALY partners with TESISQUARE® on an IT project to enhance collaboration with suppliers.

TESISQUARE® signed an agreement with EATALY – the large and medium-sized retailer specialized in the sales and distribution of ITALIAN QUALITY FOOD – for the digitization of the qualification process and product description and certification throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer to EATALY points of sale.

EATALY seeks to ensure the in-store product quality so that the customer experience is aligned with the corporate positioning. Therefore, the need is to organize and manage all the organoleptic property product data sheets, taking into account the extensive and increasing number of suppliers resulting from the growth of the company both in Italy and abroad as well as from the ongoing search for new “excellence” to be included in the product assortment.

The TESI SCM solution, a web-based collaboration platform, allows direct access by suppliers to update data; at the same time, the platform affords EATALY the opportunity to define automatic controls which promptly highlight anomalies. The project involves over 4,000 suppliers and represents the first step in supply chain management that will allow the company to adopt an integration system with all suppliers and carriers.

EATALY has always considered it essential to maintain a direct relationship with our manufacturer friends. TESISQUARE® supported us by developing a software platform that is certainly a great solution to improve and further this objective” said Oscar Farinetti.
EATALY’s suppliers receive economically quantifiable benefits – said Giuseppe Pacotto, CEO at TESISQUARE – resulting from the introduction of more efficient practices in the collaboration process and information exchange starting from the product data sheets management.”